You can catch all the 'fun' on Psykokows resilient twitch chanel

Tune in at or open in this window.


You can be part of the rabble that you hear in the background by installing teamspeak and joining our server that we share with the lovies of Lave radio and hussies of Hutton.

Our Teamspeak server is

Teamspeak can be downloaded from
If using teamspeak you with Twitch, it is best you mute the twitch audio as it will be delayed and duplicated.
If your conversation is deemed irrelevant or too boring during a live stream you will be abused, berated and eventually silenced.


Anybody is welcome to come take part. You can either: To get started head over to or open in this window.
This page has been designed to work well in mobile devices. Most mobiles will allow voice input on the pop up keyboard.


The Main Rule is 'Don't Be a Dick'